Mickey Mouse is a cartoon character and serves as the official mascot of The Walt Disney Company. He looks like an anthropomorphic mouse wearing red shorts, large yellow shoes, and a pair of white gloves. He first appeared in the short film Steamboat Willie in 1928. Afterwards, he would be included in other movies that included The Band Concert, Brave Little Tailor, and Fantasia. One of his films, Lend a Paw, received an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film while he was the first cartoon character to own a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In addition, Mickey Mouse also starred in The Mickey Mouse Club which ran from 1955-1966. Aside from being a famous cartoon character, Mickey Mouse was featured in a comic strip that lasted for 45 years.

When Mickey Mouse filled the screen, he was accompanied by other characters such as Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pete.


The earlier films of Mickey Mouse did not really portray him as a hero. Instead, he was the suitor of Minnie Mouse. His character was first turned down Minnie Mouse in The Barn Dance.

In The Opry House, Mickey first wore his white gloves which he would continue do so in his succeeding appearances. There were also Mickey Mouse films and shorts which had unusual stories and themes like When the Cat’s Away, The Barnyard Battle, and The Karnival Kid where Mickey first spoke.


The first colored animation where Mickey Mouse was Parade of the Award Nominees in 1932 while his first official color film was The Band Concert. Adding colors to Mickey Mouse paved the way for his ever increasing popularity. However, the appearance of Donald Duck and Goofy would lead the collaboration of the trio in various films like Mickey’s Fire Brigade, Moose Hunters, Clock Cleaners, Lonesome Ghosts, Boat Builders, and Mickey’s Trailer.

Mickey Mouse’s first feature-length film was Fantasia where he played as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. The story was about the sorcerer’s apprentice who tried using a magic hat to perform the tasks assigned to him by the sorcerer. Chaos would eventually commence when Mickey Mouse was unable to control the broom that he had brought to life.


During the 1950s, Mickey Mouse became more prominent in television. His most popular TV show was probably The Mickey Mouse Club. Other television series that featured Mickey Mouse included Mickey Mouse Works, Disney’s House of Mouse, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Meanwhile, there were still theatrical animations and shorts that starred Mickey Mouse such as Mickey’s Christmas Carol, Get a Horse, Runaway Brain, Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas, and Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas.