The Complete Little Nemo


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Winsor McCay: The Complete Little Nemo by Alexander Braun tells the story of Little Nemo, who is one of the greatest dream voyagers of the 20th century. The volume contains the adventures and stories of the restless sleeper Nemo as he embarks to Slumberland, where he enters a realm full of colorful companions that will accompany him in his psychedelic and thrilling experiences.


The book comes in full color and large format that completely reveals the details of the panels and pages of the comic. In addition, the colors that complement the wonderful illustrations are quire exquisite. The book is also has its own cardboard suitcase equipped with a handle for easy handling. Aside from the Little Nemo comics, there are bonus features about the artist and Little Nemo which the readers may find interesting.


The large size of the book may prove to be disappointing for some readers. For the more meticulous ones, they may look for something more satisfactory to their taste when it comes to the colors of the book.


Alexander Braun finished art history in Bochum and Berlin. Over the years, he has accumulated an extensive collection on the history of comics. He also served as a curator on various museum exhibits including the works of Winsor McCay.

Shrek (2001)


Shrek tells the story of a green ogre whose quiet life suddenly turns upside down when fairytale characters get kicked out to the swamp by Lord Farquaad. Wanting his old life back, Shrek decides to help the fairy tale characters with the help of Donkey.

Farquaad on the other hand, tries to pry out from the Gingerbread Man the location of the other fairy tale creatures. His guards then come in bearing the Magic Mirror. The Mirror reveals to him that he marry a princess in order for him to be a king. He then resolves on saving Princess Fiona from the castle tower heavily guarded by a dragon.

Shrek and Donkey arrive and challenge Farquaad. When Shrek and Turkey defeat Farquaad’s men, Farquaad makes a deal with them. He promises to let the fairy tale creatures leave the swamp if Shrek is able to rescue Fiona.

When Shrek and Donkey go to save Fiona, Donkey ends up facing the dragon. The dragon falls in love with Donkey and brings him to his chambers. Shrek finds Fiona. Before they leave the tower, Shrek saves Donkey from the dragon. After they get out, Fiona is flabbergasted to see that her savior is an ogre.

During their journey back home, Fiona sleeps separately from Shrek and Donkey. As days pass by, Shrek and Fiona become close and fall in love with each other. One night, Donkey discovers that Fiona turns into an ogre during night time due to the curse set upon her when she was just a child. Shrek overhears part of the conversation and misunderstands some things that Fiona said. Shrek gets hurt with the things that he heard. The group continues their journey until Shrek hands Fiona over to Lord Farquaad and leaves Donkey so he can continue living alone in his swamp.

Donkey eventually comes to Shrek and confronts him. Shrek tells Donkey that he heard him talking Fiona about him. Donkey informs him that he and Fiona were talking about a different person and the he only misunderstood things. Shrek realizes his folly and apologizes to Donkey. Donkey forgives Shrek and tells him that Fiona is about the get married to Lord Farquaad. Donkey then helps Shrek to go to Fiona with the aid of Dragon.

Before the wedding can conclude, Shrek arrives and reveals that Farquaad only wants to marry her so he can truly become a king. At that moment, the sun starts to set and Fiona turns into an ogre. Shrek finally realizes what Fiona was talking about herself before and Farquaad becomes enraged. He sets his men on killing Shrek and taking Fiona custody by Dragon then bursts in and help them. The movie ends with Shrek and Fiona’s confession of their love for each other. The curse on Fiona gets broken but to their surprise, Fiona is still an ogre to which Shrek has no problem at all. The movie ends with their marriage in the swamp where Shrek once vowed to live alone.

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Monsters, Inc. (2001)


Monsters is set in the city of Monstropolis where monsters reside and use the harnessed screams of the children of the human world to power their own habitat. At the Monster Inc. factory, “scarers” are tasked of scaring children and harnessing their screams through closet doors which serve as portals. Even though they frighten children, monsters think that children are dangerous and toxic to touch. The company faces the dilemma of the ever increasing number of children who don’t get scared. The movie focuses on the adventures of the two monster friends, James P. “Sulley” Sullivan who is top tanking scarer of Monster Inc. and Mike Wazowski who works as assistant to Sulley and rivals with the chameleon-like monster, Randall Boggs.

One day, someone accidentally brings a child inside the factory. Sulley discovers the little girl and hides her in his bag. Sulley then ambushes Mike on his date to ask for his help. At that moment, the little girl comes out and the Child Detection Agency (CDA) is called for assistance. Sulley and Mike escape with the little girl in tow. While at their home, Sulley becomes friends with girl and he starts calling her “Boo.” They return to the factory and try to deliver the girl back to her home using the portals. Randall also comes to the factory to who aims to kidnap the little girl. However, he manages to snatch Mike instead.

While being held captive, Randall tells Mike that he has built a Scream Extractor which can purportedly outdo the company’s current performance. Sulley comes to the rescue and saves Mike but turns out that Randall is connected with Waternoose, whom Sulley asks for help. Because of this, Sulley and Mike are exiled to the Himalayas where they meet a Yeti that leads them to nearby village which can take them back to the factory. Sulley goes back to the factory to save the girl while Mike goes some other way. While trying to save the girl, Mike comes and helps Sulley save the girl.

Inside the factory, the group ends up in corridors full of doors as they try to evade Randall. In turns out that Boo’s laughter can activate all of these doors which start a chase between Sulley’s group and Randall in between the human and monster world. At the end, they manage to trap Randall in the human world.

Afterwards, they set on finding the door that leads to Boo’s bedroom. When they find out that the CDA and Waternoose have sent Boo’s door to the Scarefloor, they try to confuse the CDA to get to the door. Waternoose then tells the truth to Sulley that it was his and Randall’s plan to save the factory by using the Scream Extractor to harness the screams from kidnapped children. At that moment, the CDA appears and arrests Waternoose. Sulley and Mike say their goodbyes to Boo before returning her home.

The movie ends with a newly innovated Monster Inc. which now work by making children laugh, a plan concocted by Sulley after his encounter with Boo. If you are looking for real scary monsters and not just cartoons check out this Horror Movie website.

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Cars (2006)


Cars is set in a world inhabited by anthropomorphic vehicles. It starts with the latest Piston Cup championship race where Strip “The King” Weathers, Chick Hicks, and Lightning McQueen are tied in the first place. To break the tie, they have to participate in another race to be held at Los Angeles International Speedway in California. Lightning is very determined to win the race because he want to be under the roof of the Dinoco team. Lightning sets off right away to his practice in California with his comrade Mack, a big rig. However, Mack loses him to a gang of street racers and McQueen ends up in the old town of Radiator Springs.

After accidentally wreaking havoc in town, Doc Hudson orders McQueen to leave town right away but Sally Carrera advises that it will be better to make him do community service. While serving the community, McQueen befriends some of the town locals including Mater. He also learns that Radiator Springs is once a popular stop over for cars. In addition, Doc Hudson is a former Piston Cup winner popularly known as the “Fabulous Hudson Hornet.” After finishing his time for community service, McQueen hesitantly goes back to California for his race.

During the race proper, McQueen seems to be distracted and lost his head in the game. Fortunately, Doc Hudson and some of his friends from Radiator Springs come to help him win the race. Before the end of the race, Hicks causes Weathers an accident and McQueen helps the injured race car finish the race next to Hicks. Because of this, the audience praises McQueen for his sportsmanship. The movie ends with Lightning McQueen retaining his friend from Radiator Springs as his race crew.

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Up (2009 film)


Up starts with eight-year old boy Carl Fredricksen who is a big fan of the well-known explorer Muntz. Muntz stains his reputation when he claims to have discovered the skeleton of a giant exotic bird at Paradise Falls. With his popularity gone down the drain, Muntz promises that he will catch a live specimen of the bird someday. Carl meets another Muntz fan, Ellie, whom he befriends and eventually marries. The couple aim to go to Paradise Falls someday but before that can happen, Ellie falls ill and dies.

The time comes when Carl grows old and lives along in a neighborhood about to be torn down for construction. An incident causes him to make an improvised airship using his house. He puts up a lot of helium balloon atop his house and before he can take off, the young Russell knocks on his and gets caught in his journey.

The two is taken away by the flying house and they eventually end up in a place on the other side of Paradise Falls. Carl and Russell tie themselves up onto the house and set on exploring their surrounding while pulling the floating house behind them. Along the way, they meet a tall flightless bird which Russell starts to call Kevin. They also meet Dug, a dog equipped with a special collar that can make him talk.

As they go on with their journey, a pack of dogs ambush them and take them to their master who turns out to be Charles Muntz. Muntz takes Carl and Russell inside his dirigible and starts filling them with his stories and search for an exotic bird. Russell notes that the bird Muntz is describing sounds like Kevin. It is at that moment that Muntz accuses them of trying to steal the bird from him. The pair try to escape with the animals but Muntz gets ahold of Kevin and sets Carl’s house on fire. Carl has no choice but to let go of the bird so that he can put out the fire on his house. Because of this, Russell gets disappointed with him for letting Muntz take the animals.

When he rummages inside his house, Carl finds a memento from Elli encouraging him to make more adventures with the rest of his life. Carl gains inspiration and sets on finding Russell who at the moment is going to save Kevin on his own. Carl then gets rids of his furniture to make his house lighter and follows Russell.

Russell gets caught again by Muntz but Carl comes to the rescue and saves him along with Kevin. Dug manages to defeat the dogs’ leader and becomes the head of the pack. Muntz continue to pursue the group but their struggle cause Muntz to fall from the dirigible.

Carl and Russell find Kevin again which now have her new born chicks with her. They use the dirigible to get back home. The movie ends with Carl awarding Russell his final badge while his house lands on the cliff beside Paradise Falls.

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Toy Story

Toy Story is set in a world where toys capable of interacting with each other do no move when there are humans roaming around. The film stars Woody, a cowboy toy who serves as the leaders of the toys under the care of a boy named Andy Davis. Since he and his family are about to move away, Andy celebrates his birthday a week earlier. One of his present include a spaceman action figure called Buzz Lightyear, who immediately moves up the ranks as Andy’s favorite toy. Woody gets jealous of this and the fact the even the other toys seem to be paying more attention to Buzz. However, Buzz clearly thinks of himself as a real space ranger who must find his home planet. It has then become Woody’s goal to convince Buzz that he is just a toy.

Before Andy’s family outing at Pizza Planet, Woody attempts to trap Buzz in order to prevent him from being brought along by Andy. However, Buzz accidentally gets thrown out of the window. The other toys witness this and they accuse Andy of being jealous of Buzz. Unable to find Buzz, Andy is left with no option but to take Woody along with him. Before they can leave the house, Buzz also gets in the car and confronts Woody when the car stops at a gas station. Their argument causes them to fall out of the car. Woody fools Buzz into believing that the Pizza Planet delivery truck can bring him to a spaceport. At Pizza Planet, Woody searches for Andy while Buzz gets stuck inside a rocket-shaped game machine. Before Woody can try to save him, Sid Phillips, Andy’s toy-abusing neighbor, comes around and snatches the toys using the game machine’s claw.

At Sid’ house, Buzz and Woody try their best to escape before Andy can leave the city for good. As they save themselves from the kid’s dog, Buzz sees another toy of himself and realizes that he is really a toy. He gets confuse and tries to use his wings to prove that he is capable of flying. Meanwhile, Woody does his best to convince Andy’s toys that he’s alive but they do not believe a word that he says. At Sid’s house, the kid has made up his mind to blow Buzz up after a thunderstorm. Woody then decides to do something for Buzz by convincing him that he can make Andy happy. The day after, with the help of Sid’s other toys, Buzz gets saved from Sid by scaring the kid and Buzz leaves the house with Woody before Andy can leave and move with his family to a new house.

Before they can get on board the moving truck, Sid’s dog comes after them and manages to get Buzz of the truck. Woody tries to help Buzz but the other toys throws him over thinking that he’s trying to get rid of buzz again. Later on, the rest of Andy’s toys realize that Woody is only trying to help Buzz. They set off on helping the two again but the toy car that the pair is hitching has no more power. At that moment, Buzz uses his rocket to lift the car and guide to the truck.

The movie ends with Christmas where the two toys are preparing for the arrival of the new toys that Andy may receive. To their surprise, Andy receives a puppy.


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Finding Nemo


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Finding Nemo starts with two clownfish, Marlin and his wife Coral, who are just settling in their new home in the Great Barrier Reef bringing along with their eggs. It is not long before a barracuda attacks their home which knock Marlin unconscious. When he regains consciousness, he discovers that Coral and most of their eggs are gone. It is fortunate that a lone egg survived which he decides to call Nemo.

Nemo hatches and grows to be a fish with a smaller right fin incurred by the barracuda when it attacked their nest. The disability limits Nemo’s ability to swim, making Marlin worry about him constantly. During a school field trip, Nemo leaves his group and gets caught by some scuba divers. When he learns that his son is missing, Marlin sets about finding him. During his journey, he meets Dory, a regal blue tang afflicted with short-term memory loss. As the two continue on searching for Nemo, they become friends with three sharks and finds the diver’s mask which can potentially lead them to Nemo’s location. Their excitement causes Dory to hit her nose and make it bleed, attracting the attention of one of their shark friends. It leads to a chase that causes the two fish to lose the diver’s mask into a deep sea trench.

Marlin and Dory continue to search for the mask in deep waters until the moment that they are pursued by an anglerfish. During their struggle, the light of the anglerfish casts light on the labeled mask and Dory successfully reads the address indicated on the mask. The pair head for Sydney and almost lose their lives among a bloom of jellyfish. Marlin wakes up on the back of a sea turtle who calls himself Crush. He befriend Marlin and Dory and helps them reach the East Australian Current which will get them closer to Sydney. During his time with the turtles, Marlin tells them about Nemo and the story starts spreading throughout various points across the ocean.

On the other hand, Nemo ends up in the fish tank of Dr. Philip Sherman, a dentist practicing in Sydney Harbor. Inside the tank, he becomes friends with Tank Gang, composed of Moorish idol, a puffer fish, a yellow tang, an ochre starfish, a royal gramma, a pacific cleaner shrimp, and a blacktailed humbug.

The tank fishes learn that Nemo is to be given as present to the dentist’s niece, who is infamous for being fish killer. To save Nemo, Gil, the Moorish idol, shares his plans on how Nemo can escape the tank once he’s in the hands of the dentist’s niece. A brown pelican named Nigel then comes and shares the story spreading across the ocean about Marlin. Because of this, Nemo becomes encouraged and puts into action Gil’s plan of jamming the tank’s filter. However, the dentist immediately replaces the jammed tank filter.

In the East Australian Current, Marlin and Dory get trapped inside a blue whale. Dory tries to talk to the whale and persuades it to take them to Port Jackson. There, they meet Nigel who recognizes Marlin from all the talk that has been spreading all over the ocean. Nigel takes the pair to the dentist’s office only to find Nemo floating unconsciously inside a plastic bag held by the dentist’s knee. Without their knowledge, Nemo is only pretending to be dead so that he get to be flushed in the toilet. Marlin sees the supposedly dead Nemo. Thinking that his son is dead, he leaves Dory alone and starts grieving on his own. However, Nemo escapes using Gil’s help and he reaches the sea through a drain that leads to the ocean. On the other hand, Dory feels confused when Marlin leaves. She then comes across Nemo who has just gone out from the drain pipe. Dory makes the word “Sydney” from the drain pipe and her memories about Marlin comes back completely. She recognizes Nemo as Marlin’s son and the two of them find Marlin. As soon as father and son reunite, Dory gets caught in a fishing net currently sweeping up a school of grouper. Nemo tries to help her and proves to his father that he must not be worried about him all the time.

The movie ends with rest of the tank fish escaping to the ocean while Nemo, Marlin, and Dory go back to their home in the Great Barrier Reef.

Nemo tries to follow the escape plan but fails and everyone thinks that he died when he got flushed out from the toilet bowl.